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Dorm Life Hack: Engineering a Window Fridge

I distinctly remember walking back into my room after my parents had left on Fall Family Weekend and seeing a giant styrofoam box sitting in my window sill. Curious, I walked over, took off the lid and peered inside, not really knowing what to expect as the box’s contents. Nothing. When my roommate, Paige Stufko, and her parents walked back into the room a little bit later, I asked what the box was for. With a laugh, Paige told me that the styrofoam box would soon become a fridge, powered simply by the winter cold outside of our window. Sparing the details, her dad explained in depth the engineering behind this unique idea. With the business of finals, the holidays, and everything else that Shattuck throws our way, the two of us have yet to finish our fridge. However, the base is in place and ready to go, and we only have a few finishing touches to put in place before the fridge is entirely functional and ready for use. This fridge cost just over $2.00 to make, and uses no electricity; it is both cheap and energy-saving. While this likely would not work for a place warmer than Minnesota, I think it is a great alternative for any Shattuck student that does not want to spend a lot of money on a fridge or cannot have a working fridge in their room because they’re not a proctor.